Be my valentine.

February 14, 2010

Whether you believe that St Valentin was a martyr of the early Christian church, or that he was killed on February 14th, or better yet: that Valentine’s day is soley a commercial practice invented by Hallmark- you find yourslf buying a card and some chocolates, socks, underwear, sex toys, flowers, movies and anything else your loved one might deem a good romantic gift.

Why do we do it? Simple… we do it for love. This love, we are taught at a young age, can lift us up, it’s all we need, can pay the bills and save us from ourselves. We are desperate to find it when we hit that age where it all starts to make sense. We will do anything to save it. We know that even in the middle of our most maddening fights, we still feel  the love.

I was led to believe a little while back that with our love, my husband and I, could create new life. Ahhhh the ultimate Valentine’s gift. This could very well be that month. Only time will tell.

For now, while I wait, I will eat chocolate 😉



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