February 15, 2010

When it comes to fertility, drugs are a primary step in the direction of conceiving a baby. Once you have lived through the not-getting-pregnant phase of the relationship you begin to bargain with yourself.

For us, the first step was getting tests (that was it, nothing else, especially something invasive). Our second step was having my tubes checked, something I can only equate to having needles stabbed into your insides. Once you think that you can’t handle any more pain you, by some strange twist of evil fate, do.

By the time we went through the proper chanels for our clinic, we found ourselves at a crossroad. Ok, not we, really just me. I was indignant for a long time that I would not take any drugs. I had a ridiculous amount of anxiety taking the HCG shot ( a needle to the belly that triggers ovulation) the needle was given to me by none other than my sister the nurse, I mean could I have had a better person to preform this ritual? I treated the shot as though I had just dropped acid, waiting to see the effects, if any. All that ended up happening was loads of anxiety topped off by a panic attack.

Once I was ok with the HCG shot, or the “trigger shot” as people in fertility circles call it, I became more open to what drugs I could take next. Much like a drug addict the first drug was not enough, I sought a more powerful fertility drug that could do more to up my chances. Come to think of it this whole fertility-drug-introduction thing is a perfect blend of a drug addiction meeting a gambling problem.

So here I am, my desire to try more drugs to solve the situation while I weigh my odds at getting pregnant. So now, I find myself being prescribed yet another drug (the little blue pill I told you about) which you stick up where the sun don’t shine for a lady, if you catch my drift. From the warmth of your lady part, the estrogen penetrates (‘scuse the pun) your body and  renders you a weepy mess (in my case).

So here you have it, from a drug free desire to get pregnant to three kinds of drugs. A move I made in less than 5 months. I really should have paid attention to those after school specials.

Just say… yes?




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