King Sized

November 29, 2010

I was thinking back to when I was a little younger, living on my own and living it up. I went out when I wanted, spent money on whatever pleased me in the moment and I chose when I came home and whether I did so alone (pg 13).

The one thing back then that never needed any consideration was my sleeping arrangement. I was a single woman in possession of a queen sized bed. A hot commodity. I got to sleep in any position I wanted, stretching as far as my 5’5 frame would allow, in any direction. It was absolute sleeping bliss. Actually it was bliss, full stop.

Once I met the man of my life I began to share this queen sized bed. In the beginning it was thrilling; we could cuddle up and share the bed, together. However this was early days. When we moved in together officially, the sleeping arrangement evolved to a point where we each had our own sheets, then eventually comforters. My husband had back issues on and off and chose to sleep on the floor from time to time. I thanked the Lord for small favours.

When I was in the height of fertility drug taking, he was sent to another room, and so began my love affair with sleeping alone. Truth be told, until this past week, we slept separately for the most part. I think deep down we both loved it, although I took the flack for it, and did so gladly- in exchange for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Last week we had a new bed delivered. A king sized bed, also known as the divorce bed. They say this because of all the space it provides the sleepers.

I call it the marriage saver – because of all the space it provides the sleepers.