February 2, 2011

It’s that time of year again. You inevitably feel, well… shitty. Is it the dark, cold mornings (and evenings come to think of it) or the light cold days? Wow, not much to compare.

We all revel in our homes, near a fireplace (if you’re lucky enough to have one, living here) and eat, eat, watch TV and eat, waiting for spring to show her face. By the time spring arrives we are, much like the vampires of yesteryear, unable to face the sun, paler than a ghost and hungry for… well just hungry because we’ve developed a serious eating habit over the course of the winter. This never looks like Twilight, nope, more like Dracula- especially our toenail growth. Ughhh.

In more recent years I started to check in come January, because time flies, and it’s best to be ready when spring comes knocking. So yes, I have my share of melancholy February but I also eat less, cut my toenails and hop on an elliptical from time to time.

We are creatures of habit, yes. We just don’t need to look like creatures.