Natural bean.

March 27, 2011

I’m now at a more comfortable place in this pregnancy. I’m starting to show, which in terms that I’m more familiar with- starting to get fat. Urghhh. Beautiful I am not. At least not yet.

Finding out that I was pregnant was just one of those things. Flossing made me gag and drinking water tasted “funny”. Put two and two together and you have… a pregnancy?! Impossible! After all the needles, the doctors, the tears? After the months of looking toward adoption, the fighting, the strain on our marriage? After over three years, praying and trying anything that anyone would recommend? A trip to Mexico (a lovely place, really) and some tequila, ok… lot’s of tequila was all that happened.

We got pregnant.

This bean wasn’t made for us, but rather by us, a concept that had been long-abandoned.



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