July 31, 2011

I am an advocate of photography as a way to remember things. It can be beautiful or painful, it can make you smile or take your breath away but in the very least it is always there for you to look back on.

I had been doing maternity photography for the past 3 years, I just recently gave it up in favor of motherhood- this isn’t a statement about choosing one over the other, I simply do not want to take time away from the one thing I had wished for all this time, to take time away from my child.

For the first time today, I became the subject. I was photographed by my sister, my very own maternity photo shoot… it was scary to say the least. You are vulnerable and naked in front of the big glass lens. I wasn’t sure about doing them at all, but after the countless sessions with pregnant women over the years, I felt like it was a right of passage.

It was. I will have these images forever to mark this incredible blessing.



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