At the suggestion of a good friend, I have decided to take on writing a blog. This blog is for every woman who has struggled to get pregnant for no matter how long, we have all felt that panic- the idea of a life without a child.

Read this and laugh (or cry) with me.

As for me? I’m a lucky wife to the coolest man who supports and loves me like no other. I’m a teacher, the mummy to a cat (Jake) and dog (Congo) and a happy member of the thirty-somethings.


14 Responses to “Me.”

  1. Jennifer said

    You are brave and strong for sharing your experiences with others. We love you both!

  2. Julie said

    Thank you for posting. I saw your link on board. I have been struggling for almost 5 years… at moments forgetting to laugh and at moments thinking that I had lost my mind. I just laughed with your most recent post and hope to continue! Thank you!

  3. Kathy said

    Your wittiness, sassiness and awesome knowledge of self will get you to the place you need to be as well as giving others back the gift of laughter! Keep on writing – we love you and look forward to reading more:)

  4. mark said

    You are awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We love you.

  5. Mom said

    You are truly a remarkable person. Your writing skills make me laugh and cry. Please continue to inspire others to go on. One more thing we now know that we didn’t send you to university to take “English” for nothing haha. We love you!

    Love mom,

  6. Emily said

    Lisa, this is awesome! not what you’re going through (sorry about that)but how you’re able to write about it in such an enjoyable, funny, sad, and truthful way. I love it! I’ll keep reading. How do I read old entries? I’ve only been able to read February of this year…)
    I want MORE!!

  7. mark said

    LISA; loved your blurb. Can you bring MOM and I A BIG DOGGIE BAG . MERCI

  8. Lia said

    You have the ability to help and inspire so many people. One day you will look back at this blog and remember these times with fondness (believe it or not) The tree that is planted in the windiest, harshest environment grows to be the stongest and most extensive. As painful as this time is now, in retrospect it will be recognized as possibly one of the biggest catalysts for personal growth. Keep writing, laughing, and cultivating the art of patience. Love you.

  9. Christine said

    Lisa, really enjoy reading your blurb. Thanks for sharing and I wish you all the best. ChristineXO

  10. San said

    Do not give up – I trully believe that for everything that we encounter in life there is a purpose and one day it will come out to you loud and clear.

  11. Don’t give up… I have been on this rollercoaster ride with many friends. It can be super challenging with a tons of ups and downs. But I have experienced many happy endings 🙂


  12. MARK said

    cute well done cogratulations

  13. MARK said

    I am so happy to be able to tell the world that I forgot to put the letter n in congratulations. All the reason to tell you once more that your blog was nice to read and the way you told the world was cute. GOD BLESS THE THREE OF YOU THE BEAN, SHAWN and MUMMY makes three. GOD BLESS.

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